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I’m an author and writing consultant with over fifteen years of teaching experience.

A little bit about me: I earned an Honors B.A. in English and French from Brigham Young University in 2009. I then attended the University of Minnesota, where I received my Ph.D. in English with a focus in medieval and early modern literature. After moving to Los Angeles, I worked as a lecturer in the Writing Program at the University of Southern California before launching my own coaching business. I’ve earned multiple awards for my writing and scholarship and have been published in national venues, including peer-reviewed academic journals.

I host two podcasts about writing and reading and am one of the founding members of the Humanities Podcast Network. I also write speculative fiction and am represented by Kurestin Armada at Root Literary. You can read more about my academic and creative work below and find me on Twitter @KatieMcNey.

Coaching and Consulting

Do you need help with your writing?

Maybe you’re working on an essay that isn’t quite coming together, but you can’t figure out why. Maybe you’re writing a piece of fiction and need a sounding board for plot or character development. Or maybe you’re launching a website for your business and want to make sure you’re connecting with your target audience. Whatever kind of writing you’re working on—from college papers to novels, screenplays to digital content—I can help!

What do I offer?

I'm passionate about helping my clients communicate their ideas in the clearest and most effective way possible while remaining true to their unique voice. My primary goal is to help you bring to life the argument, story, or message you’ve envisioned in your head and, in the process, grow more confident in your own writing abilities. To this end, I offer detailed suggestions to strengthen your writing, focused around one or more of the following tiers:

Tier 1

Developmental/ Substantive Editing

This is the option I recommend for new clients or anyone in the early stages of a project, especially if you are looking for big-picture feedback (i.e. notes on content, structure, and development) and are willing to do substantial revising in order to improve your work.

Tier 2

Line and Copy Editing

I recommend this option if you are already happy with the ideas and organization of your piece but want to work on fluidity and coherence at the sentence- and paragraph-level.

Tier 3

Mechanical Editing/ Proofreading

I recommend this tier only if you are fully satisfied with your work and want to make sure it doesn’t contain any spelling or grammatical errors before you present it to your audience. This is a great option for anyone working on professional materials, business copy, and/or digital content.
Please note: If you are a student writing an essay for school credit, I will not correct your errors for you; rather, I will identify them and explain why and how they should be fixed so you understand what to do moving forward.


Generally, I prefer to focus on consulting and coaching, but I do occasionally accept requests for copywriting. If you are interested in hiring me to write an original piece of content, please indicate that on the form below.

Feedback & Rates

I offer two options for delivering feedback:

Written Feedback
If you choose this option, I will provide you with a detailed letter and in-text comments offering suggestions to help you improve your work. My rates and response times vary based on word count and the editing tier(s) you request.
I will send you a quote after I receive your application, and you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Coaching Sessions
If you choose a coaching session, we will work through the piece together. I will offer my suggestions, and you can ask me any questions you like. (You will not receive written feedback unless you select both options.)
If you schedule a recurring session or if you’re a former student or client, you may be eligible for a discount.

Please indicate the services you are requesting on the application below, and I will get back to you soon. I look forward to working with you!


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My Academic Work

Recent Talks & Publications

  • -'Podcasting in the Humanities Classroom,' Inside Higher Education (forthcoming)
  • -“From ‘Tissues of Silk and Gold’ to Fibers of the Harakeke: Re-Weaving the Medieval Past” at the International Congress of Medieval Studies (May 2021)
  • -“A Fine Mesh: Using Code-Meshing to Spark and Support Students' Critical Thinking and Writing Skills” at the Conference on College Composition & Communication (April 2021)
  • -“Scholarly Podcasting as Genre” at the MLA Annual Convention (January 2021)
  • -“Teaching with Technology: Strategies for Fostering Inclusion in the Composition Classroom” at the CCCC Regional Conference (December 2020)
  • -'The Path to Wholeness: The Therapeutic Potential of Writing in Late Medieval Dream Visions,' University of Minnesota, PhD dissertation (May 2016)
  • -“‘Blak, bloo, grenyssh, swartish red’: The Color of Speech in Chaucer’s House of Fame,” Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference, Oxford University (April 2015)
  • -“‘Thou wolt make…thyn hede to ake’: A Post-Chaucerian Treatment for Madness in Christine de Pizan’s Chemin de long estude,” The Chaucer Review, Volume 49.2 (2014)

My Creative Work

In Development

I'm currently working on a fantasy series for adults that I'm VERY excited about. Details coming soon!

The Windstorm Series

My debut work was a young adult contemporary fantasy trilogy called The Windstorm Series: Downburst (2012), Coiled Snake (2013), and Firestorm (2016). It is currently out of print, but I'm hoping to re-release it in the near future.


Writing Remix

Writing remix podcast logo

I am the founder and co-host of Writing Remix, a weekly podcast about language, art, and pedagogy sponsored by the USC Writing program.

Witches in Britches

witches in britches podcast logo

I am also the creator and co-host of Witches in Britches, a feminist podcast that analyzes portrayals of witches in pop culture once a month on the full moon.

Interviews & Media

Recent Interviews


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